The Philosophy Tier List: Ranking the World’s Wisdom

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Have you ever wondered which life philosophies are the best? Have you ever wanted a definitive tier ranking of them? Me neither…

00:00 Intro
00:24 Hedonism
01:09 Stoicism
02:21 Taoism
03:20 Confucianism
04:21 Cynicism
05:29 Buddhism
06:31 Christianity
07:54 Skepticism
08:50 Religious Fundamentalism
09:40 Science
10:35 Humanism
11:40 Freudianism
13:56 Jungianism
15:06 Pragmatism
16:16 Fascism
16:54 Marxism
18:03 Anarchism
19:03 Objectivism
19:57 Pastafarianism
21:00 Scientology
22:07 Existentialism

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