RANK HIGHER on Etsy – No Tools Needed – How To Do Etsy SEO – SEO Simplified

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RANK HIGHER on Etsy – No Tools Needed – How To Do Etsy SEO – SEO Simplified

In this video, I will be discussing the biggest mistake that Etsy sellers make when it comes to SEO and how to fix it today. I will be providing examples of how to improve your SEO for different types of products such as handmade items, prints/paintings, and POD. If you want to improve your Etsy SEO and increase your visibility, make sure to watch this video!

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Welcome, friends! I am Dylan, a multi-six figure Etsy & Shopify seller. My Etsy shop ranks in the 0.1% of Etsy shops worldwide and we reached $1.4M+ in sales in just 6.5 years. I am here to provide value to YOU through tips and tactical advice to start your Etsy shop or to grow your current Etsy shop to the multi-six figure level and beyond! There’s no fluff here, only tactics that add to your profit and save you time.

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0:00 – Intro
1:10- How to Write a Title
2:23 – SEO Example Handmade items
4:00 – SEO Example Prints and Paintings
6:00 – SEO Example with Print On Demand
8:30 – SEO Example 2 with Print On Demand
10:20 – BONUS TIP

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