Local SEO Training Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 494

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00:00 Announcements

08:34 I have a general contractor with four different websites for four different service offerings: custom garages, ADUs, pavers and fully custom homes. I’m considering recommending that he combine all his service offerings all into one site. He claims that Google Ads are more effective when pointed at these types of bespoke sites, while I feel like it’s simply about the landing page URL. Interested in your thoughts — thanks!

31:41 How does the website builder effect SEO? Does it matter much or no?

46:23 In the last hangout, I see you are using subdomains, instead of sub-directories on felling.pro. For ex: countyname.felling.pro. Aren’t subdirs “stronger”? Or is this for client sites only? For a directory site like treecarehq I assume subdirs are better?

50:20 Do you teach rank and rent seo in your mastermind?

50:43 Hi Bradley, hows things guys 🙂 .. With embedding the money site/pages on your branded Gsite, have you seen cannibalization recently? And how do you make sure it does not cannibalize when you keep on building links?

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