How to Rank #1 FREE With Perplexity AI SEO

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Revolutionize Your SEO Strategy: Rank #1 Using Perplexity AI (Free Workflow Included!)

In this video, Julian Goldie presents a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on using Perplexity AI to achieve top rankings on search engines. This completely free workflow covers keyword research, content generation, and optimization. Julian demonstrates how to generate 20 relevant keyword ideas, create content outlines, and develop engaging, well-optimized articles without paid tools. He also includes additional tips for enhancing content, alongside access to prompts and an SEO checklist. Links to a free course and personalized SEO strategy sessions are provided for further learning and support.

00:00 Introduction to Perplexity AI Workflow
00:17 Understanding Perplexity’s SEO Capabilities
00:49 Free Keyword Research with Perplexity
03:26 Generating Content Outlines
05:27 Creating High-Quality AI Content
11:23 Editing and Finalizing Your Content
12:06 Free Resources and Final Tips

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