Video Production: A Home-Based Business?

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With a home-based business, you can do your video production from the comfort of your own home. That means pajamas or showing up in your Air Force dress blues with polka dot boxers just like the top brass at the Pentagon surely do. It’ll save your wallet a lot of heartache, and you can start today! For a video production business, it won’t ruffle any feathers to throw a chair, a desk, a laptop, and a bobblehead of Erik Estrada in the corner. So what are you waiting for, my fellow budding filmmaker and video producer? Get started today!

LLC or not?

Start your video production business today!

QUESTIONS? — Have a question about financing 4/5-figure videos and short films? Comment below!

Check out the complete list of resources I recommend for your microbudget filmmaking:

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———Gear Used ——-

Fresnel light from Came TV:

Portable dimmable LED and softbox:

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