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With the government implementing and lifting restrictions seemingly every month, a number of Singaporeans are playing safe by just staying at home. This led to a growth in the number of home based businesses in Singapore and today Zhin and Chiara will be trying some of the more interesting ones out! Most of what we feature in this episode are also Muslim owned. #supportlocal

Featured in the video:
1) Cookbookbybyri – https://www.instagram.com/cookbookbyri/
2) Theorangestove – https://www.instagram.com/theorangestove/
3) Jpkitchen – https://www.instagram.com/jpkitchen2016/
4) Jinsinfullygooey – https://www.instagram.com/jinsinfullygooey
5) HotteokSG – https://www.instagram.com/hotteoksg/
6) Awesome Sauce – https://www.instagram.com/awesomesauce.sg

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Chiara Ang – https://instagram.com/chiaraang/
Zhin Sadali – https://instagram.com/zxynpot

Filmed by:
Benjamin Chin – https://www.instagram.com/benanamin/
Lex Lim – https://www.instagram.com/teegongborpi/

Edited by:
Benjamin Chin

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