SEO Basics: How to Make Google Love Your Website (2024)

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If you’re a complete beginner to SEO then this series is for you. Even if you’re a more experienced SEO we will cover all aspects of Search Engine Optimization eventually.

With SEO 101 we plan on taking you from beginner to expert all in one place, all in one format, all in one style.

Our first episodes are more geared towards beginners so if you’re looking for a Search Engine Optimization tutorial for noobs.

From off page SEO to on page SEO we are planning to cover everything, in a well-organised format.

This first video explains crawling, indexing, and ranking. The absolute fundamentals of SEO that so many people actually realise is a thing.

You cannot rank for pages you don’t have on your website – but you cannot rank if Google doesn’t index your content, and you cannot get indexed if Google does not crawl your website.

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