On-Page SEO Audit 2024

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On-Page SEO Audit With Chris Palmer SEO
Chris Palmer SEO: https://chrispalmer.org

In today’s video what I will be walking you through is a on Page search engine optimization audit of a local Business website.

This local business on site SEO audit will include auditing the overall website structure. Including the on-page SEO of the header tags or H tags along with the paragraph text the overall density of the on-page optimization.

And then I will wrap it up with the overall performance enhancing SEO that we all love. The primary objective of today’s on page SEO audit video is to help you understand what I am looking at when I’m looking at a local Business website in order to enhance its performance within Google and other search engines like Google.

This video will help you understand the elements of a web page and and how you can better audit or technically audit your own websites.

If you have any questions related to on page SEO or local search engine optimization please feel free to go ahead and ask in the below section where I’m always happy to help a business owner like yourself with anything search engine optimization related.

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