Instant SEO Check: Audit Your Website’s Rankings in Only 8 Minutes!

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Instant SEO Check: Help Your Website’s Rankings in Only 8 Minutes! 🚀

Tired of shelling out hard-earned cash on pricey SEO tools? What if you could spot the most glaring SEO issues on your website in just 8 minutes? In this video, I break down the most common problems I’ve recently encountered on various websites and guide you through the process of identifying and fixing them.

One of the most common problems is indexing, but even if pages are getting indexed another problem is that Google doesn’t consider your website worth anything. You can see this both in search console but also inside Google ads keyword planner.

A niche that is good with good content and a website that is good with good content will have a lot of keywords both in search console and broader keywords inside Google Ads Keyword Planner

You don’t need an expensive tool or to pay someone to tell you why you’re not ranking, the most common answer is that the content being produced isn’t high enough quality.

If you want to learn about using AI and ChatGPT to produce high quality rankable content, check out my playlist:

The most common problem right now in SEO is that people aren’t laying out their websites properly, they don’t have enough content, and they’re not making sure that the content they are making is being indexed on Google’s search engine.

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