How To Rank Your Website On Google – WordPress SEO For Beginners

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WordPress is one of the most optimized CMSs in terms of SEO, and simply using WordPress for your website will get you ahead.

Now, you just need the perfect setup for a fast website that empowers your content to rank as high as possible.

Here are the plugins and tools you need to achieve this:
1. DNS

2. Hosting
Kinsta: (Affiliate link)

3. Theme
Kadence: /Affiliate link)
Themeforest: (Affiliate link)

4. Plugins
Rank Math SEO: (Affiliate link)
WP Rocket: (Affiliate link)
Link Whisper: (Affiliate link)

If you want to learn how to use Google Search Console, I’ve written about it here 👇

Here is the ultimate guide for WordPress SEO:

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