How I deal with feeling overwhelmed in my small home based business

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If you, like me, sometimes feel overwhelmed by all you’ve got to do (and it’s grim when you’re running a business of your own which is supposed to be designed not to be overwhelming!) then you may enjoy a few of the tricks I use to help me ground myself in reality rather than spiral off into a breathless state of mild hysteria. If this is a useful clip then I’m very happy. I’m off to deliver these sweet peas to Number One and then I’m going to feed the dahlias.

The flower farmer’s year workshop is scheduled for 26th November (link below.) You Club members get 10% off and Nicola has posted the new discount code in a community post for you x
The Flower Farmer's Year Workshop (online)

For a discount on website orders, an ad-free version of this clip, all the info re the redesign of the flower farm and the new studio being created in the field, and all Georgie’s new clips with extra tips, news and regular live at 5s, do join her YouTube club. You can join up here via the links on our homepage. The club costs £8.99 per month (join via a desktop or mobile browser. Joining via the YouTube app pushes cost up to £11.99 per month!)

For a full list of workshops and demos held by flower farmer and florist Georgie Newbery, including ones on floristry and flower arranging, see our website for more details and to book your place

If you enjoy the tips and tricks Georgie gives you here, or would simply like to support the channel, the link to her Buy Me a Coffee page is here:

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