House Washing SEO – How to Rank Better Locally in Google Maps, Bing, and Get on a Great Directory

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In this video, I share ways to improve the keyword rank for “house washing” for a company that is not ranking well south of their location. The local SEO metric that I care about in Google Maps is SoLV, which stands for share of local voice. SoLV is the percentage of time your listing is position 1-3 on Google, which puts you into the map pack and on page one of the results.

Things going right with their GMB account

1) The primary category is Pressure washing service

2) They use the keyword “house wash” in their name

3) Lots of great reviews

4) They have a good description that lists off relevant keywords and locations

5) They give updates

Some things that they can do on their GMB account to rank better

1) Have a product carousel section that highlights what they offer with a description and link to specific pages on their site

2) Have question and answer content

For Bing Places for Business, they are doing the following things right

1) Have their primary category show as pressure washer

2) Display their address (Note: Google does not)

Also, I share a great backlink they should get on that is a directory in their town

What they could do better?

1) Their name does match on Google and Bing. Make sure one of them is accurate and change the other listing to reflect that

2) Show the address on Google, if possible

3) Update their product section with city specific house washing services

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